A family owned brewery for almost 500 years in Moos, at the very heart of lower Bavaria where the Danube and the Isar meet. Surrounded by rolling fields of barley and wheat with the dark hills of the Bavarian forest in the distance, the location is idyllic.


 The water used, is the essence of brewing and comes from its own ancient mineral well. Only the highest quality barley and wheat malt, the best Hallertau hops and its own strain of yeast, which is specially stored in the vaults of Weihenstephan University.


This is how a Pilsner should taste, sparkling, bitter and aromatic with distinctive smooth bitter hops.

| ABV: 4.9% | Bottles: 20 x 500ml | Keg: 30l


The Bavarian URFASS Premium Hell is a lager beer, fragrant in flavour with a particularly rounded bitterness. 

| ABV: 5.2% | Bottles: 20 x 500ml | Keg: 30l

Weissbier Hell

Unique and subtle flavours of fine cellar –yeast in this ancient Bavarian Premium Weissbier Hell. Fruity, sparkling, aromatic and mild. 

| ABV: 5.3% | Bottles: 20 x 500ml | Keg: 30l

Weissbier Dunkel

An old Bavarian Weissbier Dunkel – brewed according to an old, traditional recipe, dark, subtle, malty and mild. 

| ABV: 5.3% | Bottles: 20 x 500ml |


Smooth aromatic lager with the flavours of the Bavarian Volksfest, evoking dancing on tables and summer nights. A Bavarian experience with this Festbier. 

| ABV: 5.7% | Bottles: 20 x 500ml |Keg: 30l


An extra strong dark beer known as an old Bavarian Doppelbock which was historically brewed for Carneval and in Lent with a wort over 18%. Malty in flavour and smooth. 

| ABV: 6.9% | Bottles: 20 x 500ml | Keg: 30l

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