In the 14th century, beer trade was significant for the city of Einbeck, with 700 master brewers. By 1616, there were 742 citizen brew houses in Einbeck. The oldest available receipt for the sale of 2 tons of Einbecker beer to the city of Celle is dated April 28, 1378.


In 1612, Einbecker master brewer was lured to Munich in order to brew the famous “Ainpöckische Bier” there. The name of the beer changed to the Bavarian accent and was called “Oanpock” and later “Bockbier” (bock beer) in this region: One could say that the city of Einbeck gave Bockbier its name. “Ain’t no Bock Beer without Einbeck!”

Ainpöckisch Beer »The Original«

Naturally cloudy and full-bodied – Genuine strong beer enjoyment.

Martin Luther called out “the best drink known to man is called Ainpöckisch Beer.” | ABV: 6.7% | Bottle: 24 x 330ml | Keg: 30l | 

Ur-Bock Hell »The Classic«

“Beer of all Beers”, characterized by a subtle hint of hops in accordance

with the original recipe. Full-bodied, spicy aromatic flavour!

| ABV: 6.5% | Bottle: 24 x 330ml | Keg: 30l | 

Ur-Bock Dunkel »The Dark One«

Dark, rich, strong and delicate malt flavour. On the palate, smooth

and full-bodied unfolding strong roasted malt aroma.

| ABV: 6.5% | Bottle: 24 x 330ml | Keg: 30l | 

Mai-Bock »Seasonal«

Strong in taste, with a pleasant spring-fresh flavou. Ambered colour with a toffee aroma with caramel sweetness, balanced giving a refreshing and crisp finish.

| ABV: 6.5% | Bottle: 24 x 330ml | Keg: 30l | 

Winter Bock »The Winter Treat«

Dark in character, full-bodied with a taste of malt. Selected malts, the finest

hops and a special beer yeast provide a true winter treat. With 18.2%, Einbecker Winter-Bock has the highest original wort of all Einbecker beers.

| ABV: 7.5% | Bottle: 24 x 330ml | Keg: 30l | 

Brauherren Pils »The Original«

A characteristic bitter taste, unique and perfectly matured.

The perfect composition of the best hops and selected fine malts bring the classic bitter character to mature perfection. 

| ABV: 4.9% | Bottle: 24 x 330ml | Keg: 30l | 

Dunkel »The strong One«

Flavouful, with a malty-aromatic roasted taste. The fine selection

of special dark barley malts gives it strong character and mild malt flavour. 

| ABV: 5.3% | Bottle: 24 x 330ml | Keg: 30l | 

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