Jacobinus Classic

A concert of the senses! 

Bright yellow, aromatic speciality beer. Floral aroma of hop notes, fresh mouthfeel fine bitterness.

| ABV: 4.8% | Bottle: 20 x 500ml |

Jacobinus Schwarzbier

Full-bodied fiery dark caramel notes with pleasantly roasted soft chocolaty taste. Distinctive character with characterized coffee-like aromas, that invites to discover new taste sensations.

| ABV: 5.4% | Bottle: 20 x 500ml |

Jacobinus Hefe Weizen

A natural wheat beer specialty is characterized by its fruitiness and fine banana note. Fresh, sparkling on the palate and immediately soft and mild on the finish. 

| ABV: 5.7% | Bottle: 20 x 500ml |

Jacobinus Dunkles Weizen

Special dark malts give this dark wheat beer its distinctive character and rich reddish brown colour. Fine hearty spicy coffee notes in harmony with a subtle fruity note and flavour. Pleasantly sparkling with mouthfeel - a fine tart on the finish. 

| ABV: 5.7% | Bottle: 20 x 500ml |

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