The history of Neuzeller Kloster Brau began in the year 1416, when the yearly register of the monks recorded the first delivery of grains and hops to be used to brew beer. Unofficially, beer was brewed here as early as 1268, but only on a small scale. Finally in 1589, the Monks of Neuzeller received official permission to brew beer, in an act signed by Emperor Rudolf II. 

Neuzeller Pilsner

Shimmering rich golden colour stirs the appetite. At first sip, full-bodied, characterized by a fine tart note. A bitter note is released in the finish, displaying a good old-fashioned brewing art. |ABV: 4.8% | Bottle: 20 x 500ml | Keg: 30l |

Neuzeller Kirschbier "Cherry Beer"
Rich cherry red with a fine pink flower inspires the senses. Cherry juice and beer harmonize in the most pleasant way, enchants the taste buds fruity and hoppy finish. Ingredients: Neuzeller Bockbier, cherry nut juice and invert sugar syrup

|ABV: 4.8% | Bottle: 20 x 500ml | Keg: 30l |

Neuzeller Apfelbier "Apple Beer"
Its golden honey colour, fine stable head, stimulates the mind and imagination.

The eponymous taste refreshes right from the first sip, leaving a stimulating intense impression. A refreshing and fruity beer with lots of aromas and a hoppy finish. 

|ABV: 4.8% | Bottle: 20 x 500ml | Keg: 30l |


Original Badebier "Bath Beer" - The Life Style Beer

Badebier has mostly been consumed as a luxury full-bodied dark beer for the ultimate pleasure. Now, it is becoming popular not only as a luxius beer but, also as a bath additive and hair care suppliment to counteract hair loss.

|ABV: 5.2% | Bottle: 20 x 500ml | Keg: 30l 


Schwarzer Abt "Black Abbott"

A deep dark black beer with firm creamy head. On the palate,  is a taste explosion of

fine roasted malt aroma and flavour with a sensitive sweetness of noble coffee bean.

The finish is slightly sweetwith an incomparable spiciness. 

|ABV: 3.9% | Bottle: 20 x 500ml | Keg: 30l |

Neuzeller Bock

Light honey aromas, forming a bridge to a fruity, summery flavours. Mild and tender on initial sip but, develops on to a surge of flavours with overwhelming hint of hops on the finish that is harmoniously rounded.

|ABV: 6.2% | Bottle: 20 x 500ml | Keg: 30l |

Mord & Totschlag "Murder & Manslaughter"

A very dark expressive beer with a brown head. An authentic, masculine beer with a strong taste. The tart, pronounced spice ensures the round taste of the powerful beer, which was brewed in Kyritz in the 17th century.

|ABV: 7.2% | Bottle: 20 x 500ml | Keg: 30l |

Imperial Porter - A deep black stout

With its penetrating deep black colour, the Porter is unique, a delicious challenge.

A strong spicy taste prevails from the beginning. Each sip is a spicy firework of    roasted and malt aromas. Even in the muffle finish the character is not lost.

|ABV: 8.1% | Bottle: 20 x 500ml |

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