Lammsbräu is Germany largest organic brewery and about 200 years old. The brewer still remains in the same family since formation. The foundation of turning the brewery into a   "BIO” organic started 40 years ago thereby, redefining the "Reinheitsgebot" - the  purity law.

EdelPils Zzzisch - Hoppy. Aromatic. Gently.

Pronounced hop note, aromatic, mild-dry taste and typical flavour. The finish is fine and round. Straw yellow, bright and shiny colour, with snow-white creamy head | ABV:4.7% | Bottle: 20 x 330ml |

Dinkel "Spelt" - Strong. Fruity. Aromatic

Top-fermented with ancient grains, aromas of banana, nut and vanilla flavours.  Fruity, yet full-bodied, soft in the palate with a natural hue of golden yellow colour. |ABV: 5.2% | Bottle: 20 x 330ml |

Urstoff - Strong. Full-bodied. Spicy.

Fine roasted note, full malt with delicate hop aroma, yet full-bodied, soft and mild. Golden yellow, almost honey-coloured beer with white creamy head.

| ABV: 4.7% | Bottle: 20 x 500ml |

Weiss - Classic. Fruity. Sparkling.

Wheat beer with fruity aroma of bananas, apricots and hint of lemon and clove. 

Rounded off with a mild yeasty note. Dense yeast clouds provide the typical

turbidity with golden yellow colour. | ABV: 5.1% | Bottle: 20 x 500ml |

Dunkel Weiss - Strong. Full-bodied. Aromatic.

Wheat beer with chestnut colour. Aromatic, taste of ripe bananas, melon and caramel. Full-bodied, but still tingling under its creamy head. 

| ABV: 5.1% | Bottle: 20 x 500ml |

Festbier - Strong. Full-bodied. Festive.

The fragrance unfolds light notes of honey and plums. Brilliant amber colour, with  a strong aroma by soft, sweetish roasted malt notes and mild hop bitterness to a balanced, full-bodied taste.  | ABV: 5.6% | Bottle: 20 x 500ml |

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