The Pott's Brewery has been in the family for seven generations. It all started in 1769, when Franz Arnold Feldmann first leased the gastronomy and brewery from the nearby Jesuit monastery.


Pott’s specialties beers are characterized by their naturalness and a long, frosty maturation. Only the very best raw materials, as far as available from domestic production are used. The brewing water comes from its own "Gesaris-Quelle" and supplies ice-age mineral water, crystal clear and free from any environmental pollution. No sharp filtration and no pasteurization process applied for a long shelf life.

Pilsener - With 100% aroma hops

A contrast to many Pilsener beers with its elegant and sparkling-fresh, fine-dry hop note. The one hundred percent use of valuable aroma hops is crucial for the pronounced spectrum of flavours and gives this beer its specialty, pleasantly soft yet characterful bitterness.

| ABV: 4.8% | Swing-Top Bottle: 20 x 330ml |


Principal - Münsterland Special

Malty aromatic body with a restrained hops note. Full-bodied and harmoniously rounded in the palate. 

With its high original wort content, the principal of the old brewing is a special beer and the first of its kind in Germany.

| ABV: 5.3% | Swing-Top Bottle: 20 x 330ml |


Landbier - The Original

A genuine "Münsterländer Original". This bottom-fermented beer owes its strong and particularly spicy taste to the composition of four selected malt varieties, while giving it its gentle amber colour. A light, restrained hop note completes the taste experience.

| ABV: 4.8% | Swing-Top Bottle: 20 x 330ml |


Weizen - Naturtrüb

Pott's Weizen naturtrüb offers a particularly tingling taste sensation due to the finely dissolved, natural fermentation carbonated acid. Fruity, with a light banana aroma characterized by the top-fermented specialty yeast.

| ABV: 5.3% | Swing-Top Bottle: 20 x 330ml |


LEEZE - Münsterland Radler

Pott's Leeze is a special cyclist with ingredients of outstanding quality, which guarantees its connoisseur refreshment. The high fruit content in conjunction with the natural flavours is the secret of full taste with low  calorie. 50% Pott's Pilsener and 50% lemonade

| ABV: 2.4% | Swing-Top Bottle: 20 x 330ml |


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