With over 600 years of brewing tradition in the famous small town of Einbeck. Today, using the some of the most modern brewing technology, its highly qualified team make up of Einbecker Beer success.


In the early 14th Century, there was abot 700 brewers in the city of Einbeck. Then, the local council will buy the excess beers and ship to other parts of Germany and the internationally.

The oldest known receipt of Einbecker beer dates back to April 28 1378, therefore suggest Einbecker beer dates back nearly fifty to hundred before that date.


Martin Luther describes Einbecker beer as "The best drink known to man is Einbecker beer"


Einbecker master brewer was lured to Munich in order to brew to brew the famous »Ainpöckische Bier« The name later changed due to the Bavarian accent to »Oanpock« and later to »BockBier«

It now said, the city of Einbeck gave "Bock Beer" its name

»Ain't no Bock Bier without Einbeck«


The current Einbecker bottles has been used to fill Einbecker beers and since 1851


Annual Capacity of the Einbecker brewery is about 770,000 Hectolitres

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