More than 125 years of water with the star

In 1888, mining director Wilhelm Castendyck discovers carbonated water source during drilling operations. This mineral water, which erupted from the depths of the Volcanic Eifel, became one of Germany’s most in demand mineral water brand.

 Gerolsteiner mineral water is bottled only at source, in the Volcanic Eifel, enjoyed worldwide

Sparkling: Natural Sparkling Mineral Water

The sparkling thirst quencher: Gerolsteiner natural sparkling mineral water is the most consumed water in Germany. The secret of the Gerolsteiner water is in its volcanic origin. Special geological circumstances typical to the Eiffel  provide the inimitable freshness and minerals contained in the water

 Available | Glass: 750ml ▪ 330ml | PET: 1.5l ▪ 1.0l ▪ 500ml |

Naturell: Natural Still Mineral Water

Its fresh neutral flavour makes it so unique. Naturell is Gerolsteiner's natural mineral water without carbon dioxide and only slight mineralization. Due to its very low level of sodium (12mg/litre) and minerals, it is especially suitable for pregnant women and children. With its low but well-balanced level of mineralization.  Naturell offers

a major contribution towards the healthy diet of one’s offspring and is ideally suitable for the reparation of baby food.    

                                         Available | Glass: 750ml ▪ 330ml | PET: 1.0l ▪ 500ml |

Apple Spritzer: Tangy and refreshingly tasty 

Gerolsteiner Apple Spritzer is the ultimate fruity experience for mineral water fans. The spritzer is immensely fruity – due to a juice content of 55%, Gerolsteiner Apple Spritzer is a true “Revitalizer” to the taste buds.

Available | Glass: 750ml330ml | PET: 500ml |

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