A Witch, A Dragon & Me "MUSCATEL"

Five friends, who share a passion for handcrafted goods, special design and serious spirits came together to form “A Witch, A Dragon & Me” to create handcrafted beverages in 2015.

 It all started with the idea of having their own vodka brand. They believed the vodka be smooth, great character and easy to drink straight

Waahlaaa!!!! The vodka was produced and called HARALD SCHATZ. The new vodka was sampled in the night club, and it was very liked and successful. And today, HARALD SCHATZ is sold all over Germany.

With a guided family related wine business, the idea of creating an exquisite Gin from one of the finest wine grape Gelber Muskateller, MUSCATEL GIN was conceived and born.

The Muscatel grape with its special floral and soft touch, gives Muscatel Gin its aroma and sweet fruitiness. 

The "DRAGON'S CUT” is aged in oak barrel for 16 months, with the  "SLOE GIN", refined with local flower honey.


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